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  • In Students’ Own Words

    YouthTruth’s survey of the student experience invites students to advise adults on improving their schools and communities. Their advice is often pointed, highlighting key elements…

  • How We Work With Funders

    YouthTruth empowers foundations to maximize their impact by listening to youth about their experiences in school and beyond. We partner with funders to gather essential…

  • Backpack

    Plan for Improvement

    Explore research-based resources as you plan for improvement. Resources are grounded in specific questions and key themes of the YouthTruth Survey to help educators target improvements to a school’s unique findings revealed by YouthTruth reports.

  • Data-Driven School Culture Improvement

    Transforming Schools Statewide: Using Data to Enhance Social-Emotional Learning

    The Colorado Education Initiative and YouthTruth partnered on Youth Connections, using student feedback surveys to design and implement responsive social-emotional support systems across 13 districts, informed by data on student empowerment, support systems, and learning environments, supplemented by empathy interviews and focus groups to address deeper needs.

  • Community Engagement for Continuous Improvement

    Defining Success: Crafting a Profile of a Graduate

    A mid-sized suburban school district in Pennsylvania used YouthTruth data under a new superintendent to establish a baseline, set goals, and create a unified vision, resulting in the development of a “profile of a graduate” aligned with engagement and belonging metrics to measure meaningful outcomes.

  • Backpack

    Set Goals

    Explore diagrams and worksheets that will help you set data-informed goals.

  • Backpack

    Close the Feedback Loop

    Close the feedback loop by sharing reflections about your school or district’s survey results.