Case Studies

Explore our case studies to see the real-world impact of YouthTruth’s feedback-driven approach.

  • Data-Driven School Culture Improvement

    Transforming Schools Statewide: Using Data to Enhance Social-Emotional Learning

    The Colorado Education Initiative and YouthTruth partnered on Youth Connections, using student feedback surveys to design and implement responsive social-emotional support systems across 13 districts, informed by data on student empowerment, support systems, and learning environments, supplemented by empathy interviews and focus groups to address deeper needs.

  • Community Engagement for Continuous Improvement

    Defining Success: Crafting a Profile of a Graduate

    A mid-sized suburban school district in Pennsylvania used YouthTruth data under a new superintendent to establish a baseline, set goals, and create a unified vision, resulting in the development of a “profile of a graduate” aligned with engagement and belonging metrics to measure meaningful outcomes.

  • A laptop screen partially obscured by the viewer's shoulder, with a YouthTruth report displayed

    Data-Driven School Culture Improvement

    Youth-Informed Insights Strengthen Philanthropy’s Impact

    A New England philanthropic foundation partnered with YouthTruth to understand and address high school students' perspectives on quality learning and college and career planning, leading to more impactful, student-informed interventions.

  • Group of diverse high school students walking through the hall

    Build Equitable and Inclusive Schools

    Transforming Discipline

    In an upstate New York suburban district, YouthTruth's data revealed perceptions of unfair discipline, leading to a transformation involving restorative practices and policy revisions that significantly improved students' views on fairness and adult-student interactions.

  • Portrait of teenage girl sharing feelings in support group circle for children

    Build Equitable and Inclusive Schools

    Elevate Mental Health

    A suburban Oregon school district responded to alarming YouthTruth mental health survey data by doubling their specialized mental health counselor team, resulting in significant improvements in students' perceptions of mental health support.

  • Group of three students wearing backpacks walking away down a sidewalk

    Build Equitable and Inclusive Schools

    Safe Learning Spaces

    A charter network in Detroit and Chicago used YouthTruth data to identify that a significant number of students felt unsafe at home during the pandemic, prompting the creation of community centers that could provide safe, supervised spaces for online learning.