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You can’t help the kids if you don’t know what the kids want.

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It starts with a simple idea. If you want to improve schools, you need to listen to students. YouthTruth gives you the tools to hear what students are saying, and the expertise to act on it.

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We now have the information and expertise to better understand our students, catalyze changes, and monitor improvements.

John Boyd Superintendent, Evergreen Public Schools, Washington

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Your Partner in Youth-Inclusive Philanthropy

YouthTruth seeks to empower foundations to maximize their impact by listening to youth about their experiences in school and beyond.

To be effective, we need to understand the experiences of those we seek to support. Hearing from young people in a comprehensive and rigorous way is essential to fuel improvement in education.

Phil Buchanan, President of CEP

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Research Report

Making Sense of Learning Math: Insights from the Student Experience

January 2024

Mathematics is an integral part of students’ daily lives, from marking the first 100 days of elementary school to the pivotal moment of crossing the threshold into Algebra 1. Math not only serves as the key that unlocks the doors to the sciences and technology but also empowers individuals personally. At the same time, math literacy stands as an undisputed public good, providing society with the indispensable tools needed to propel innovation and grapple with intricate societal challenges.

  • Academic Challenge & Expectations
  • Belonging
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Engagement
  • Equity
  • Social & Emotional Learning
Front page of Making Sense of Learning Math: Insights from the Student Experience report.