Our Process

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Phase 1

Getting to Know Each Other

Have a conversation with your Partnership Lead about your goals for gathering feedback. Define the scope of your engagement, choose your additional topics, and schedule your survey window (there is one each month, October through June).

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Phase 2

Onboarding Process

Work with a dedicated Client Services team member who will guide you through the survey preparation and data gathering process. Your Client Services team member will prepare a tailored pre-survey launch video to support your school leaders and your survey implementation contacts so that your data collection will be a success. Your Client Services team member will also introduce you to the YouthTruth Survey Implementation Guide – which provides step-by-step instructions, templates, and resources for communicating with your community to build trust and increase your survey response rates.

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Phase 3

Gather Feedback

Use YouthTruth’s convenient survey links created for you to gather feedback from students, families and staff. Enjoy access to – and support from – your dedicated Client Services lead throughout the surveying process. Get personalized response-rate updates from your Client Services lead, and track your progress in real time.

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Phase 4

Your Reports are Ready!

Ten business days after you finish surveying, your Client Services lead will alert you and your school leaders that your reports have been published to your online YouthTruth report library. The email will include a link to schedule your data debrief and any advisory services with your Partnership Lead, which may include a Principal Workshop, Student Voice Workshop, or a Community Workshop.

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Phase 5

Make Meaning of 
Your Data

In your data debrief, your Partnership Lead will provide highlights of your results and help you to become an expert in navigating and interpreting your YouthTruth reports. You will get tips on next steps, and specific advice on closing the feedback loop with your community. You will also work with your Partnership Lead to plan and schedule any additional advisory services, which will be designed to meet your needs and support your goals.

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Phase 6

Keep Listening!

Use the resources in the YouthTruth Backpack to work through the YouthTruth data action cycle (set goals, make meaning of your data, plan for improvement, and close the feedback loop with empathetic communication and courageous conversations). Continue to enjoy ongoing access to your dedicated Partnership Lead as you turn your data into action and plan for next year’s survey.

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Our community has come to rely on YouthTruth to provide consistent information over time as a way to foster improvement.

Andrew Long Assistant Superintendent at David Douglas School District, OR

Our 101 Guide explains the nuts & bolts of our process

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