Build Equitable and Inclusive Schools

YouthTruth’s reports reveal equity gaps in the student experience, highlighting successes and areas for improvement. By disaggregating data by demographics, we provide insights for targeted interventions, ensuring every student is valued and supported.

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  • Build Equitable and Inclusive Schools

    Transforming Discipline

    In an upstate New York suburban district, YouthTruth's data revealed perceptions of unfair discipline, leading to a transformation involving restorative practices and policy revisions that significantly improved students' views on fairness and adult-student interactions.

  • Build Equitable and Inclusive Schools

    Elevate Mental Health

    A suburban Oregon school district responded to alarming YouthTruth mental health survey data by doubling their specialized mental health counselor team, resulting in significant improvements in students' perceptions of mental health support.

  • Build Equitable and Inclusive Schools

    Safe Learning Spaces

    A charter network in Detroit and Chicago used YouthTruth data to identify that a significant number of students felt unsafe at home during the pandemic, prompting the creation of community centers that could provide safe, supervised spaces for online learning.