It starts with a simple idea. If you want to improve schools, you need to listen to students. YouthTruth gives you the tools to hear what students are saying, and the expertise to act on it.

Since our founding in 2008, YouthTruth has been a leading organization in its field, with nearly 3 million students sharing their experiences with us. We have partnered with schools, districts, states, and philanthropic funders to create real and lasting change. With our elementary, middle and high school surveys of the student experience, we invite young people to give candid, confidential feedback. These surveys are designed to provide insights and find ways to make schools better for everyone.  We also have surveys for families and staff that round out our suite of surveys so that you can build a powerful feedback culture that includes your whole community. 

The YouthTruth experience is highly personalized. Every YouthTruth partner has a dedicated team that makes surveying easy and efficient. Our team guides you at each phase of the process. YouthTruth displays your survey data in easy-to-use, interactive reports, making the results easy to understand, share, and use. YouthTruth also provides virtual and in-person workshops that bring together school leaders, students, and community members to help understand the information we’ve collected, set goals, and make a plan.

It’s as simple as that. Listen. Learn. Improve.