Year-Over-Year Data for Reporting

YouthTruth reports provide the year-over-year data you need for reporting, including accountability plans, site improvement plans, and accreditation reports. Our reports highlight significant changes and display your data in the context of various groupings, from district and national cohorts to school size and location.

2 Results Found

  • Data-Driven School Culture Improvement

    Transforming Schools Statewide: Using Data to Enhance Social-Emotional Learning

    The Colorado Education Initiative and YouthTruth partnered on Youth Connections, using student feedback surveys to design and implement responsive social-emotional support systems across 13 districts, informed by data on student empowerment, support systems, and learning environments, supplemented by empathy interviews and focus groups to address deeper needs.

  • Build Equitable and Inclusive Schools

    Transforming Discipline

    In an upstate New York suburban district, YouthTruth's data revealed perceptions of unfair discipline, leading to a transformation involving restorative practices and policy revisions that significantly improved students' views on fairness and adult-student interactions.