Student Voice in Action: Engaging Students in School Climate Data


Research shows that student perception is linked to both academic outcomes and teacher quality, and that student feedback should be a critical component of school improvement initiatives. Incorporating the unique perspectives of students into decision-making creates happier, healthier school systems with higher academic achievement.

Front page cover of YouthTruth's Engaging Students in School Climate Data guidebook

Too often in education, important decisions are made without engaging the people most affected: the students. By bringing students into transformation efforts, schools can catalyze improvements and train youth to lead alongside adults in defining and meeting district goals. As data and education experts, YouthTruth helps guide educators and students through the processes of gathering, interpreting, and acting upon student feedback. We believe this process is strongest and most powerful when students are involved at every stage. In this guidebook, you’ll find protocols and strategies from YouthTruth and innovative educators who are elevating student voice to accelerate change.