Understand Your Reports


Whether you use these videos to get a colleague up-to-speed or to refresh your memory for a workshop, these video tutorials will familiarize you with navigating reports and identifying features that can help you take action on your student perception data. 

Learn how to make sense of your percentile charts and see where your ratings fall in comparison to our national comparative dataset.

Learn how to read your percent positive charts, utilizing simple measures that are convenient, easy to communicate, and great for goal setting.

Learn how to navigate your response distribution charts to view the percentage of students who responded to each of the answer options to a question.

Learn how to use the cohorts tool to make comparisons to other schools similar to yours.

Learn how to disaggregate your data by subgroups to identify whether specific student, staff, or family groups at your school are having similar or dissimilar experiences.

Check out this video for easy, step-by-step instructions for sharing your YouthTruth reports!